Linguistics 200, Sections AD & AI
Spring 2007

TA:Jonathan North Washington
Office: LA1 110
Office Hours:M 1200-1400, or by appointment
E-mail: jonwash@u...
IM (AIM): ling200ta
Sections: AD: TTh 930-1020, LOW 101
AI: TTh 1130-1220, FTR 106
Course website:
Section website:
Mailing list: AD:


The main point of the quiz section is to review and enhance what you've learned in class and from the book by working with the material. This will be done by working with data and examples. Be ready to get your hands dirty.

Participation (5%)

Please come to section. At the beginning of each section, you'll be expected to sign your initials on an attendence sheet—you're not graded on attendence; instead, this is just for me to keep track of of who isn't attending section.

You are, however, graded on participation—this requires attendance. You're also encouraged to ask questions, answer questions, make relevant comments, contribute to discussions, etc.; this is an intro class to a complicated field—you will not be ridiculed for asking even simple questions. Also, please bring your textbook (Language Files—see course website) to section, even though we won't always use it. You are encouraged to post relevant questions and responses to the section mailing list—you won't be graded on this per se, but it certainly won't hurt your participation grade.

Quizzes (15%)

There will be two quizzes given in section this quarter, which together make up 15% of your course grade.

There may also be a few pop quizzes, which will count towards your homework grade, the point of which won't be to give you a grade so much as to keep you thinking about what we've gone over recently, and to provide you with an additional means of review for the exams. Giving you a grade on potentially pop quizzes, however, should provide you with another incentive to come to class every day. ;)

Office Hours

If you're having problems with any of the material from class, the book, or section, for any reason, I encourage you to come to my office hours or schedule another appointment to come see me. My job is to make sure you learn the material, and I am available to you for just that.


You may contact me by e-mail or instant message. You can expect to hear back from me by e-mail within 24 hours; if you don't, send another message.